Sunday, April 11, 2010

Afghan Girl

3 years ago my dad gave me this small packet from National Geographic it was "10 pictures you will never forget." The pictures were pretty cool but one of them just stuck out so i folded it up and pinned it up to my cork-board. This was the picture:

I just knew she was from Afghanistan and they took the picture in 1987.. Then my brother came into my room a few weeks ago and asked who she was, when i told him i didnt know he looked her up and turns out her story was pretty fascinating, and in 2002 the team who first took the picture went back to Afghanistan and tried to find her. Her name is Sherbat Gula.

If you want to read the rest of her story you can find it here


Anonymous said...

wow.. nice! i didnt knw ppl actually used national geographic.. we're learning about it in science ;p she used to be prettier :P

Anonymous said...

Dude... This is a really interesting Topic.
I've always loved this portrait. Her Eyes... That look... it was just beautiful. I've learned alot about it now thaaanks to you;*
Honestly... I Reaaally Enjoyed It!!;*
Keeep it up, Hun ;)


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