Monday, September 6, 2010

College Prep 102 - Ring Ring

You're better off sending me a letter. Seriously. 
About a week ago, I wrote a post talking about some of the things I was doing to prepare for college. I got some great feedback, and so I've decided to turn "College Prep" into something of a blog series. What this means is that I'll keep you, our lovely readers and always welcome guests, posted on the things I'm doing leading up to my first day of university.
After my last post, some of you had some questions and so here's me dishing up some answers and general S. trivia. Being away for most of the day means I really need to start charging and answering my phone. I 've become quite stellar with making sure it's always charged, but haven't actually gotten into the hang of answering it just yet. *FacePalm*  To celebrate and commemorate my small achievement, (100% battery baby!) I'm making a tag and the rules are simple; all you have to do share five phone-related facts about yourself. How Kuwaiti is this tag? :)

(Link or leave your 5 facts on the comments section below)

My five phone facts are as follows:
  • I got my first mobile phone when I was eleven. Pimpin'.....I know. 
  • All my phones have been either black or silver. I don't "do" pink and/or fluorescent shades.
  • I rarely charge or answer my phone. I just don't.
  • My current phone is a Samsung. I'm bored with it and I'm contemplating getting either an iPhone or a BlackBerry curve. Don't say it, I know I'm a sell-out.
  • I didn't have my own number memorized until May of this year. The only other number I know is my mother's. True story. 
Diverting your calls and ignoring your texts,



    unforgivable sinner said...

    1- had my first phone after high school >> so old school

    2- my first phone was a touch screen.. Imate jam.. then O2 ..actually all the phones i owned were touch screen

    3- i had an iphone but it drowned.. -.-" bil shaleh

    4- my current phone is m5arrif..

    5- the last 3 numbers on my phone form a triangle on the phone's keyboard.

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