Friday, April 30, 2010

Sushi: The One Food That Unites the World

For those that are hoping this will be a post entirely dedicated to gushing about my love for sushi, and its popularity in Kuwait, allow me to disappoint you.
On that resounding note, I shall also introduce myself. I'm S. At this point, it's all you really need to know about me. However, commencing my blogging journey without a proper introduction seems cheap. Allow me to paint a brighter portrait of my dim life: I was a fairly happy bookworm living in a country that provided free health care and maple syrup to its citizens. I am now a fairly happy adult who lives in a country that provides free health care and ridiculously affordable machboos to its citizens. A story for the ages.

When I was informed of the move to Kuwait, my primary concern was "Do they even have Sushi over there?!" My knowledge of Kuwait was limited to, um...well, it was limited.
Two years later, I have discovered that Kuwait is quite possibly home to more Sushi joints than Japan. It seems silly, all this time later, to have ever questioned Kuwait's accessibility to all things hip and trendy. OOPS! You'll have to excuse me, I knocked over my cup of Pinkberry and got it all over my Blackberry.

Have to run off to change into another Juicy tracksuit,



Anonymous said...

L O L! NICE! tht was just awesome. u knw.. its the people and not the country.. its a shame.

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