Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hello World Hope You're Listening :)

Hello world, or is it kuwait, people, someone?

Shall I introduce myself?
Obsessive: a person who has obsessions.
Compulsive: someone who feels compelled to do certain things.
Addict: someone who is physiologically and psychologically dependent on a substance.

Nice qualities to have in a person aren’t they? Actually it usually drives people crazy :) only a handful of equally mentally disturbed people can appreciate it. So to whoever is reading this I might as well elaborate further. I am a very obsessive who has a short attention span which is why I went through countless obsessions, bands, drinks, books, movies, shows, and words you name it I've obsessed about it. I am always compelled to do all the wrong thing at all the wrong times and if you're lucky you might have the privilege of reading about some of them. Addict? Some people supposedly say I'm "addicted" to coffee (bogus) among other things.

This blog?

Obviously I find myself a very fascinating human specimen and I feel that I must share myself with the world. I have countless interests including books, movies, photography, art, music, and technology. Hopefully you my dear "someone" will appreciate this or else im just another psycho talking to myself.



Anonymous said...

I Have this Feeling That You're a VERY INTERESTING And Unique Person ;p
Very!! I Can feel it ;)
and I'm SUREE That I'm Gunna Enjooyy This Blog Alot;*
Thaankk Youu For Sharing it with us
I Truelly Appriciate it :*


H.F said...

awww THANK YOUUU! some call me unique others think im weird either way im different (atleast i think so) ;)

and thank you for brightening up my day :D

Anonymous said...

Loooooooooool... You're Not Weird!!! You're just... Different. And Being Different is what makes you Beautiful:* Makes You Interesting. Because you're Different "UNIQUE" you have a wonderful blog that i enjoy very much ;)

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