Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Current Irritation

Kuwait we have a problem.
Kuwaitis, mostly the female population, have a problem recognizing the actual functions of sunglasses. Now let me clarify they are supposed to be worn OUTDOORS so your EYES wont get damaged. Instead of i dont knw? wearing them in malls to "look cool" or just sitting in starbucks and staring at people. tara just because they hide your eyes doesnt mean we cant see the direction of where you're looking. Honestly do yourselves a favor andd take them off they make you look really stupid.



7amanito said...

agree.. totally!

i'm not a fan of the kuwaiti society anyways! hehe

Anonymous said...

LOL! I agree ;D

Anonymous said...

What if someone is tearing or doesn't feel like being recognized?
What if this place has too much light and you just don't feel like it?
It doesn't have to be because they think its "cool", they might have there reasons why. So don't jump to any conclusions when you spot someone wearing a sunglass indoor.

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